Ages 18 months through Kindergarten

Our fun-filled pre-school programs focus on learning through creative coaching concepts. From Toddlers to Kindergartners, this is an ideal program for every child. Your preschooler will explore the bars, beam, floor exercise, vault, parallel bars, and rings. We use many scaled down pieces of apparatus as well as state of the art elite equipment. Don’t forget the in-ground trampoline and “the pit”. From Obstacle courses to learning their first cartwheel your child will have a blast at Premier Gymnastics.

Munchkins – Ages 3 to 4 – This class is our introduction to basic gymnastics techniques for all boys and girls in this age group. During this Co-Ed class, they will use the Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, Rings, Parallel Bars as well as obstacle courses, trampoline and pit play. We integrate obstacle course into their learning to develop coordination, balance, core strength and self-confidence.

Beginner (Co-Ed Younger) – Ages 4.5 to 6 – This is our daytime beginner class for both boys and girls. During this class they will spend a little more time on each rotation than the munchkins class, allowing them to work longer at perfecting skills. They will still use obstacle courses and trampoline as part of their learning.

Girls Mighty Tots – Ages 3 to 4.5 – This is an invite only class for munchkin aged girls who have displayed higher than average skills for their age group. This group is run age appropriately and the girls will be learning at a faster pace than the traditional Munchkins class.

Mighty Mites – Ages 4.5 to 6 (Separate classes for boys and girls) – This is a 2 day a week, invite only class for boys and girls who have displayed higher than average skills in their age group. This select group of children will move at a much faster pace and will begin learning more advanced skills.


** PLEASE NOTE:  Daytime preschool classes (all Munchkins,Beginner Co-Ed) have a smaller student ratio than evenings and Saturdays.**