Our Facility


Premier West was built for us from scratch and designed to accommodate both boys and girls from beginners to elites.  We have a beautiful viewing lobby designed with wide view windows so parents can watch their young children climb and jump their way to being little gymnasts.  Feel free to upload pics of your kids while in our gym using our free wifi we provide our customers.  This air conditioned gym is equipped with state of the art equipment, safety matting, and training aids  We have a 40 foot tumbling trampoline as well as an in-ground trampoline used to aid in teaching tumbling skills.  We have multiple in-ground training pits filled with foam used to train high level skills and of course used for the little ones to roll around in.  Cleanliness is a goal of our at Premier and we clean our facility on a daily basis.  This facility is designed for the true beginner through to  the demanding elite gymnast.