TOPs (Talent Opportunity Program) is an educational program for female gymnasts (ages 7-10) and their coaches.  The TOPs program works as a talent search for young athletes through USA Gymnastics.  Any gymnast that participates in their club’s TOPs program that has the six physical abilities (ages 7-10), as well as the skill requirements on each event (ages 8-10 only) may have an opportunity to attend a state testing during the months of June and July.  Athletes that are successful at state testing may be invited to participate in the National TOPs test in October.  Again, any successful gymnast that tests at the national level may then be invited to the National TOPs training camp that takes place in December every year.  It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make it that far, but it’s a great opportunity to work with other successful TOPs gymnasts, coaches, and especially the national team coaches that run the camps.

TOPs tests and camps are certainly not the only benefits to participating in this weekly conditioning program. Gymnasts gain an incredible amount of strength, flexibility, and control to many aspects of their gymnastics training.  They learn to work independently and develop great leadership skills by encouraging and helping their teammates to achieve their goals and perfect form and technique.  Although they can no longer test after the age of 10, we keep it open to those gymnasts because the benefit to their gymnastics is far greater than the testing element. Several gymnasts who have been consistently participating have shown a noticeable improvement in the gym.  For these reasons, the coaches at Aspire strongly encourage our team and pre team gymnasts to become involved.

 Once a gymnast is able to perform two of the six physical abilities, she will have an opportunity to purchase an embroidered TOPs leo. In order to pass the challenging tests, consistent attendance is required.  

Although the day and time may change occasionally, TOPs is held on Sundays from 10-11:30am.  The cost is $15 cash, each time your child attends.  Please contact us if you have any questions.