Registration Format

At Aspire Gymnastics we have switched over to a pay by the month system. This is similar to what you may do at a health club. By doing this we will be allowing people the opportunity to make smaller payments, eliminate the hassle of registering every 9 weeks, and ensure your child never loses their spot in class.

How Does it Work?

  • We find the class that best fits your child.
  • The first time you register your child, you will only pay for the prorated cost of the month. After that your card will be billed the monthly payment on the first of each month.
  • Everyone is required to have a credit/debit card on file. Each family has the opportunity to pay before the 1st with another form of payment. However if payment was not made then the card will be charged for the upcoming month.
  • Your gymnast stays in the same class until he or she is referred to a different class. At any time you are free to drop the class as long as a written withdrawal note is sent at least 10 days prior to the end of the month. (email is the preferred method)

Common Questions:

What if my child outgrows her class?
Every 8 weeks your child will bring home a progress report. On this report it will note if your child is ready to move up a level.
What about missed classes?
We will still offer make-ups. The policy is one make-up per 8 weeks.
Can we switch classes at any time?
We are very flexible about keeping up with your schedule. If at any time you need to find another class that better fits your schedule, just call the front desk and we will take care of it for you.
What if we do not want to pay with a credit card?
As long as you pay before the 1st of each month, you can use any form of accepted payment.
What about discounts?
There are 2 discounts. 2nd class of each student and sibling. Both are discounts of 15%. We frequently run specials, so check to see what is being offered.
What if we want to stop a class?
There is no contract. You are paying 1 month at a time. As long as you give a 10 day written notice of quitting, prior to the upcoming month, you can quit at any time.
Will there be any fees for withdrawing from class?
NO, however if you fail to give a 10 day written notice you will still be charged for the upcoming month.