Junior Tumbling
Our Tumbling classes are designed to teach all levels of tumblers. From the beginner to the Advanced and everywhere in between. This class will teach the proper technique to develop and master tumbling all tumbling skills. These classes are very common with our 1st thru 5th graders.

Tumbling – Ages 6 and up
*Advanced Tumbling – Ages 6 and up
*(must have a back-handspring without spot)

Tumbling (for Cheer)
The cheer tumbling classes are for the girls who are interested in perfecting tumbling specifically for cheer leading. The class spends the majority of the time working on back-handsprings. The advanced class is for girls who have already perfected their back-handsprings and are wanting to learn more.

Cheer Tumble -6th grade and up
*Advanced Tumbling – 6th grade and up
*(must have a back-handspring without spot)

Dudes Flip
If you have a boy and they want to learn to tumble and flip, this is the class for them. In this class we incorporate trampoline and gymnastics instruction into flipping fun.