Aspire Gymnastics was founded once again from the need for Premier Gymnastics to continue its growth in the Western suburbs of Chicago.   Mark and Paul purchased an existing gymnastics facility with the intent of turning it around and becoming another one of their great programs.  Nick Becker was brought in to partner with them to achieve this goal.  In a few short months the facility was rehabbed both inside and out and the numbers of kids in the program tripled in size.   Nick Becker who is the day to day managing partner at Aspire Gymnastics began his career as a boy in the South suburbs of Chicago.  After an illustrious career as a junior gymnast he was recruited by the University of Illinois at Chicago where he competed for them during his college years.  Nick was an integral part in restructuring the former business and turning it into a fun and exciting place for children to grow and learn all forms of gymnastics.  Aspire like the other Premier gymnastics schools is a place that can truly handle all kids from the true beginner to the most demanding elite athletes.